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a drawing of the joker with his face painted black and white, holding his hand to his mouth
a sticker with a penguin on it's face and the words, i love you
pingüino tierno
se necesita un cuaderno marcadores o colores borrados por si te equivocas y saberlo hacer y ya
a black and white drawing of jesus with long hair, wearing a collared shirt
JC02 - Jesus Christ Pencil Sketch Art
a pencil drawing of jesus with the crown of thorns on top of his head
Alfonso J. Barrera - MIS PINTURAS -
DESPOJADO Realizado a lápiz sobre papel caballo 50x40 cm.
the face of jesus with crown of thorns on his head
a painting of a young man with his eyes closed and hair blowing in the wind
a man's face covered in tattoos with rosarys and jesus on his chest