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a painting of a tiger sitting in the middle of a field with grass and bushes
two white and black tigers standing next to each other
Pretzel Rolls
Amazing wildlife - White Tiger and Black Panther
a black and white photo of a baby tiger
high five.
a large tiger laying on top of a rock next to a tree branch with its mouth open
mother and cub
a close up of a tiger with its mouth open
Roar by Alain Turgeon | Redbubble
~~Roar ~ Siberian Tiger by Alain Turgeon~~
a white lion laying down with its head turned to the side and it's eyes open
White lion
a close up of a tiger's face next to a tree with its mouth open
Peeking tiger
a tiger's face is shown on a pillow
Fur Princess: Dogs, Cats and Pocket Pets buying guide and care advice
an adult tiger and two baby tigers with their tongue hanging out to each other's mouths
Mama Tiger cleaning her baby, precious :D
a close up of a white tiger's face through some leaves
Old Blue Eyes by Jeff and Michelle Cobble / 500px
two tigers are standing next to each other with their eyes open and one is looking at the camera
a tiger is standing in the snow with its paw up
Hey man whats up! High 5!
a tiger rolling around on its back in the dirt with leaves scattered all over it
Amur Tiger
Always stealthy
a black and white photo of a lion with its reflection in the water
Fatherhood - this is too adorable :)