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four different images of women with umbrellas in their hair and one woman wearing a hat
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an image of a woman surrounded by moths and other insect species in her body,
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New book alert, Stranger Than Fiction. A little strange and a lot of stranger than fiction.
a collage of pictures with skulls and hearts on them, including a woman's face
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a collage of pictures with different types of human body parts and brain images on them
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Over 40 books of hundreds of collage elements for journals, gelli printing, decoupage and collage
Layered prints on your Gelli plate
Create rich layered prints on your Gelli plate... 1. use your favorite techniques to build up layers 2. let each layer dry before adding more 3. turn your gelli plate over to see how things are going 4. when you are finished, add a last layer of paint, add paper, and let sit for a few minutes 5. pull the print!💥🎉🎨
a woman's face is covered in torn paper with words written across the image
an art work with animals and flowers on the bottom half of it, surrounded by other animal heads
a drawing of a man with butterflies on his head and chest, in the shape of a human body
Michele Parliament - Digital collages - Illustrazioni anatomiche e forme naturali
an image of a human body with flowers on it's chest and back side