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the tweet is being used to describe what people are doing on their cell phones
an image of a page that has been edited to read the text, psa for everyone writing term research papers right now
Critical Essay Writing on Twitter
an email to someone on their computer with the message'i am not sure what they are
the first apartment checklist is shown in purple and blue, with words above it
First / New Apartment Checklist - 40 Essential Templates ᐅ TemplateLab
an article about how to use the tagging language in your text book, and what it means
“625 Words To Know In Your Target Language”: Clever Language Learning Hack Goes Viral
the tweet app for twitter showing what it is like to be on facebook
Tips to read some articles - current events post
two screenshots of the same character in harry potter
I love when memes turn into useful information.
an image of some type of text that is in the middle of a web page
the back side of a black and white web page with text on it, which reads'electronic sans to write '