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Dance battle with the pup.
four pictures of a dog jumping in the air
Page 2 – The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Ah pug pug
a pug dog wearing a blue hat riding a skateboard
Doug the Pug Isn't Sure If He's a Pup or Person
❤ "The bulldog riding the skateboard - over rated. Nap on skateboard -- good stuff!!" ❤ No source
a large slice of pepperoni pizza on a wooden floor
Pug wizardry:
37 Awesome Things You Need To Put On Your Wishlist Immediately
a dog with the words all you need is
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All you need pug print by LittleLolaGirl on Etsy, £8.00
a pug wrapped in a blanket sitting on top of a couch with the caption how i want to spend every minute of every day
Pug wizardry:
41 Reasons Why Pugs Are the Most Magestic Creatures on Earth...When you wrap them in blankets, they look like tiny clumps of joy and beauty.