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an animal that is in the water with some kind of net on it's back
Menos basura al mar 🙏🏻
A ellos les cuesta la vida, a vos unos paso hasta el cesto.
an advertisement for the ocean's deadest predator is shown in this image with plastic bags floating around
El depredador más temible del océano
an abstract painting of a tennis ball with grass in it's center and the word,
15 Ilustraciones que reflejan lo irónico que es nuestro mundo
there is a polar bear and other animals on the ground with text that reads, this planet needs you to give a damn
Climate change: Why are governments taking so long to take action?
a person holding up a sign that says respect my existence or expect my resistance
30 carteles geniales que pudimos ver en la "Marcha de las mujeres" - Cultura Inquieta
a sea lion is sitting on the beach and looking up at something in its mouth
an iceberg floating on top of the ocean next to a quote that reads, 6 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year
Ilustraciones con sentido del humor
an illustration of a hand holding up a plate with food on it and people in the background
20 reveladoras viñetas que desnudan las vergüenzas de nuestra sociedad
a black and white drawing of a wave with music notes floating out of it's mouth
Plastic Wave Art Print by John Larigakis
an old video game with the words game over printed on it in green and blue
Game over
a painting of two people sitting in front of a glass ball with the sky and clouds behind them
The Power of the Mind - The Design Inspiration