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a red and white flower with green leaves in it's center on a black background
two yellow and red flowers on top of each other in front of some succulents
Amantes de los cactus en Colombia
Orbea Halipedicola x Orbea Variegata
a close up of a plant with yellow and red flowers on it's leaves
Orbea Speciosa
Mis Plantas - My plants: Orbea Speciosa
a large yellow and pink flower sitting on top of a green grass covered park bench
three potted plants with flowers in them on a tile floor next to a yellow wall
JARDÍN de FLORES de Cactus, ¿quieres subir una?
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two pink flowers are hanging from a tree
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Hoya's are one of my favorite flowers and they smell wonderful. My Mom had one and I didn't know that they flowered. One day I saw a cluster of beautiful star shaped flowers but they looked fake. I had asked my Dad if he had attached fake flowers to the plant:)
a close up of a plant with white and red flowers on it's surface
Flores de suculentas que te sorprenderán y encantarán
Flores de suculentas que te sorprenderán y encantarán Más
red flowers are in small pots on a table next to succulents and other plants
Suculentas bebés
a potted plant with pink and white flowers
Cactus of the day
a white dog with long hair holding a pink flower
Oriella Piovaticci
Cactus. Latin name: Pilosocereus Leucocephalus. Common names: woolly torch/old man of Mexico
two flowers that are sitting in some potted plants
there are many green plants in the trays
Eulychnia castanea spiralis More
a person holding a black flower in their hand
Suculentas tan raras que seguramente no las hayas visto NUNCA
Preciosas suculentas que no conocía