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an aerial view of a tree with moss growing on it's trunk and the eye
Novelicious on Twitter
the sun is setting over a small lake surrounded by trees and bushes, with mountains in the background
Calgary photographer Alexander Gubski by Alex Gubski / 500px
Beautiful view of mountain.... 😍🗻 #mountain #nature #photography
a lake surrounded by mountains and pine trees
12 Best Things To Do In Banff, Alberta
a river running through a lush green forest filled with trees and mist covered mountains in the distance
In His Masterpieces
Olympic National Park
a waterfall is surrounded by trees and rocks
ikwt | Landscape photography, Nature photography, Nature
a frog sitting on top of a yellow flower in the rain with it's eyes closed
Frogs use umbrellas to keep dry in a downpour
a bird is sitting on a branch with pink flowers
K on Twitter
an image of a raccoon with paint splatters on it
Raccoon Art Print by Slaveika Aladjova
a drawing of an eagle with green eyes
H I M S E L F by Yves Schüpbach / 500px