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an image of some people with hearts
a man in uniform standing next to an alien with a speech bubble above his head
hange tbh
an image of some anime characters with hearts in the air and words that say hanji
hanji supremacy
an anime character with the words hange me in front of him and his face
give them a break pls :,(
an image of a person jumping in the air over a bed and another cartoon character
a man with glasses is falling off his pants and has fallen leaves all around him
Meme, Haikyuu, Haha, Lol
an anime character holding up a heart shaped mirror with the words i love you but i love you but i love you
a woman with glasses holding a book in her hands
Tweet / Twitter
two young men with glasses and brown jackets holding swords in front of their faces,
LeviHan Historietas - #44
two anime characters one with glasses and the other with long hair, are sitting down
two anime characters standing in the desert with one holding his hand on his hip and the other looking at him
アン An (pocketbee) on Twitter
an anime character wearing glasses and a white shirt with black hair is staring at the camera