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some type of font with the flag of venezuela in the background and text below it
Costa Rica en la Bienal Internacional del Cartel México 2016
the letters are made up of different shapes and sizes
DIY 3D typography art | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...
a white wall with lines on it and a cat sitting in front of the painting
DIY Embroidered Canvas Wall Art
the letters are made out of string and have been hung on the wall by wires
Peter Crawley - Precise Puncture Of Paper
red string hanging from the side of a white piece of paper on top of a wall
a card with some type of stitching on it
Izziyana Suhaimi
a red and yellow plaid pattern
the letters are made out of small sprinkles and then cut into smaller pieces
Sitio privado
someone is cutting out some paper with scissors
A Bohemian Life