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an image of a night scene with the moon and stars in the sky above some buildings
You are not alone, by Tubidu
four buildings are shown in different colors
All The Buildings In New York — decor8
All The Buildings In New York
a comic strip with two people talking to each other and one person sitting at a table
Character Design References
“I feel like… I should be doing something right now…” Art by Jonathon Wallach
an open book with a drawing of a woman walking in front of a water fountain
Lisbon #4
a drawing of a kitchen sink filled with dishes and utensils in red ink
71 by maïlys sketchbook, via Flickr
a drawing of food and drinks on a table with the names of different foods in it
food diary- edm challenges
Food Diary | EDM Challenges #recipe #sketchbook #art #journal
an open notebook with lots of paper and buttons on the pages is hanging from a hook
Zan's mother (Aidan) would definitely have a sketchbook-journal like this, and Rembrandt likely would, too... love this journal/sketchbook/work of art.
watercolor painting of an apartment building and its reflection
There's someone in my head but it's not me: Photo
an image of some type of art that is on the appliance for people to use
Nice lettering
an advertisement for the animal kingdom with colorful fish and sea creatures on it's front cover
The Animal Kingdom, illustrated by Charley Harper 1968
an open book with two forks and some writing on it
Sara Fanelli - a life in pictures
Sara Fanelli picture book
a black and white cityscape with lots of buildings in the background, drawn by hand
casas y casitas
four different views of an open book with drawings on it
sketchbook by Laurent Moreau via
a drawing of some buildings with windows on the top and bottom floor, in pastel colors
Eilidh Muldoon
an image of a cityscape with buildings and birds flying over the rooftops
alley cats and drifters
Jamey Christoph