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three wooden spoons with colorful designs on them
two wooden utensils sitting on top of a striped cloth covered table next to each other
three red and yellow spoons with designs on them
Art Spoons
three spoons with designs painted on them sitting next to each other in front of a yellow and white background
Made with Love in India – Shop Indian Handicrafts Worldwide
Sneak preview of some of the lovely hand painted wooden spoons (Set of 3) that reflect the rich and diverse cultures from India. Coming soon on 'Made with Love in India'. Stay tuned! #gifts #weddingfavours #madewithloveinindia #madeinindia #handmade #handpainted #homedecor #ukindians #madhubanipainting #warli
there are many colorful painted bottles on the table
three black and red spoons with ladybugs painted on them, sitting next to each other
five spoons are lined up on a wooden surface, each with different designs and colors
Set of Six 6" Hand-Painted Stoneware Spoons
four colorful wooden spoons with designs on them
New wall hanging art kitchens 53+ ideas