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a crocheted dog sitting on the floor next to a white wall with black ears
PATRÓN DE SNOOPY SE UTILIZA GANCHO 3 1/2 CABEZA (En blanco) Hilera 1.-Aro deslizado (6mp) Hilera 2.-6 aumentos (12mp) Hi...
two hello kitty door hangers are hanging on the wall and one is holding a bird
Mantén organizados sus accesorios con algo hecho de su personaje favorito. #Sew #DIY #Projects #Kitty #Kids
a pink and white wall hanging decoration with princess decorations on the front, attached to a wall
Fancy Frills - Product - Fairy Hair Clip Organisers
a white bag with hand prints on it
How cute is this? This is a great project for little hands. This tote bag will make a great gift for mom or grandmother. Acrylic matte paints were put onto ticklish hands and pressed onto the canvas tote. We made fun memories making this bag.