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What do you think about this cute automata? 😍
Credit 👉 stoccafisso_design (Instagram) . #productdesign #product #productdesigner #design #designer #automata #frog #unicycle #toiletpaper #fun #fundesign #interiordesign #homedecor
a painting of a whale is on the wall next to a dresser
some yellow flowers are sitting on top of a wooden board with sticks and chocolate in the middle
there are many white cat bowls on the table with their faces carved into it's sides
a hand holding three small clay animals on string attached to it's palm, with trees in the background
Totem brother bear
a drawing of a monkey in a pink dress
Tony Neal
two black and white cats standing next to each other
a close up of a person's face with two rings on their fingers and an eye
four ceramic cups and saucers with paintings on them
an advertisement for the spanish festival espeismo, featuring three men in red and yellow
La Espora — “Especismo, Patriarcado” / Gráfica creada para la...
“Especismo, Patriarcado” / Gráfica creada para la Vocalía de Medio Ambiente - políticas de Animalidad de la Federación de Estudiantes del Pedagógico ( UMCE) / Cartel creado por La Espora. 2016