Sleepover ideas!

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an image of a text message that says sleepover plans
“They Don’t Actually Appreciate Me”: Employee Quits And Takes The Training Documents With Them, Boss Reaches Out In Less Than 24 Hours
this is an image of a poster with words on it
Spin the bottle!!
a poster with the words skittle on it and an image of four balls in different colors
This is a fun game to play at a sleepover!
four different colored gummy bears with the words red, blue, orange and green
Sour patch sleepover game!!! ❤️💙🧡💚💛
an info sheet with the words sleepover ideas written on it and other things to do
Sleepover ideas 🩵💕💜
two people are laying on the floor with their feet propped up in front of them
@1eylmev | Linktree | Fotos de amigos, Fotos criativas com amigas, Coisas de melhores amigos
a list with words and pictures on it that say things to do at a sleepover
Things to do at a sleepover
Here are lots of ideas of things that you can do at a sleepover!
the different colors of gummy bears are shown in this poster, which includes words and pictures
Sourpatch Extended Sleepover Game!
Credits to whoever made the orginal version! Please give credits if you use this version! Note: you have to buy the original and berry sour patch pack to play (grape and strawberry are in the berry flavour pack).