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there is a man standing in the middle of a field
One acre of hemp yields as much paper as up to 4 acres of trees
an old pipe is in the water with words on it that say, did you know?
"the use of a fact to lead a scientifically ignorant public to a false conclusion"
a pile of trash with the caption in german that reads, it is very difficult to
18 Simple Ways Other Countries Are Just Better Than America
there are three pictures with words describing the different types of wood and other things in them
Research estimate that 15.3 billion trees are cut down annually,
an article about the city's traffic on twitter
an image of a mushroom growing out of the ground next to some rocks and grass
Ikea is replacing styrofoam packaging with compostable mushroom foam Mushroom-foam Is as cheap as Styrofoam, requires no fossil fuel or plastic pollution & blodsegracies in your garden iin 2 to 3 weeks - iFunny
Very funny :)