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Daily Home Tips on Instagram: "Follow our new page @thediytip.ig for more tips diy home daily" Diy Cleaning Shoes Hacks, Clean Shoes Diy, Cleaning Sneakers, Baking Soda Hydrogen Peroxide, Balsamic Dressing Recipe, Laundry Room Hacks, Shoe Cleaner, Shoe Cleaning
Daily Home Tips on Instagram: "Follow our new page @thediytip.ig for more tips diy home daily"
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a tile floor that has been cleaned with green cleaning recipe
How to clean your bathroom sink drain and trap | Day 10/30 of my Spring Cleaning Spree
Day 10/30 of my Spring Cleaning Spree and things are starting to get a bit hairy! Today, we are cleaning out our sink’s drains and traps (and shower, if you’re feeling extra motivated!) Make sure to have a bucket when you’re taking care of the sink, and to double check after you’re done that you do not have any leaks once everything is back together. Im trying to help you clean, not cause more messes! This is a job that may be a bit much for anyone squeamish about hair, but I believe in you! This bit of maintenance will also save you in the long run from having to deal with clogged sinks and showers. Have a great night, from the Midwest! If you're interested in shopping any of my spring cleaning products, please check out my amazon storefront for affiliate links and purchases - https:/
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Have a dust free home! (Purdyandfigg)
DIY All-Natural Ant Deterrent
Content Creator: @brunchwithbabs Outfit from: @talbotsofficial Here is a natural way to deter ants from coming inside and bonus you can use the spray all over your house as it doubles as a natural all -purpose cleaner 🍊Fill a mason jar with orange peels 🍊Cover the orange peels with white vinegar. Make sure the peels are completely covered and put a top on the jar. Place a piece of parchment paper between the lid and the jar. Vinegar erodes metal and will eat away at your metal lid. 🍊After 2 weeks, strain the orange peels out of the vinegar and put back in a jar or bottle. 🍊Ant Deterrent spray & All-purpose cleaner: Mix ½ parts vinegar with ½ parts water in a spray bottle. 🍊Ant deterrent: Spray around the doors, windows or cracks where ants are coming in. Ants hate the smell