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an old book with some different colors on it
Eleven Kinds of Blue: Werner’s Pioneering 19th-Century Nomenclature of the Colors, Beloved by Darwin
“It is singular, that a thing so obviously useful, … should have been so long overlooked.” Werner’s Pioneering 19th-Century Nomenclature of the Colors
there are many different colored bottles on the shelves in this room and one is filled with soap
Pastel Blob Art
Bottled life // Gorgeous array of pastel colours. I love the mix of all these colours together
there are many jars with different colors on the shelves in front of eachother
Bedouin Showgirls
Bedouin Show Girls (this blog has lots of great images)
an image of blue and red colors in the tile wallpapers that look like they have been painted
Bleus azur, ciel, indigo, et des touches de brun. More