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a woman is holding a handbag made to look like a clown's face
handmade crochet clown bag super fun & unique! adds... - Depop
a hand holding a small stuffed animal with a panda on it's back
two crocheted stuffed animals laying on top of each other in the shape of cats
a crocheted black and green cat sitting on top of a white tablecloth
Where could I find a pattern for these? Or at least for the hat?
a crocheted frog is standing next to a gift box
a crocheted frog wearing a yellow raincoat
"Творческая мастерская Ирины Кочкиной". Запись со стены.
two crocheted dolls are holding hands with each other in front of a potted plant
"Творческая мастерская Ирины Кочкиной". Запись со стены.
a crocheted frog sitting on top of a tree branch wearing a yellow jacket and red boots
Just a small frog friend! 🐸 Pattern by MyCrochetWonders.
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All About 90s Outfits - FashionActivation
a woman in white shirt and black skirt posing for the camera
Making the Claudia Top: A free tutorial — The Yarn Bitch Studios
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Balaclava @freckledbeth