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a group of people standing on top of a stage
I saw Mon Laferte for the second time🙃🙃she’s amazing
insta: raaquell.48
a large group of people standing in front of a stage with a man on it
I love her so much🥹💕
insta: raaquell.48
Mon laferte
Mon laferte
two women in costumes are talking to each other while one woman is holding a cake
Levítico 20:9
"corazón maldito"
there are two pictures of the same woman in white dresses and one is holding a microphone
Mon Laferte
Autopoiética Tour Austin, dia 29
a collage of women with different hair colors and hairstyles, including one woman's face
a collage of women with tattoos and flowers on their back, all in different colors
the many faces of women in different styles and colors, including one woman's face
the collage has many different pictures of women in them, including one woman's face
several people are holding their hands together in a circle while the others sit down and look at each other
a woman with tattoos on her arm playing an acoustic guitar and singing into a microphone
Mon Laferte
a woman in a red dress is holding a trumpet and standing on stage with other musicians
Bien heavy, el pasado ‘oscuro’ de Mon Laferte
a woman in a white dress holding a glass of wine and wearing a fake mustache