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a bulletin board with pictures of raccoons on it
The Kissing Hand
Kissing Hand / "On My 1st Day of School, I Felt...."
the cartoon bears are playing with each other in the room, and there is also a bunk bed
The Berenstain Bears Go To School
The Berenstain Bears Go To School - All 7 Habits...This would also be great for 1st day of school.
the welcome back goodie bag tag is in pink and green with an oval frame
Back to School Goodie Bag Tag with Border.
Use this goodie bag tag to create fun little welcome back to school goodie bags for your students to give out on the first day of school. Include t...
a welcome sign with candy and flowers in the background
Miss Kindergarten Love
Use this goodie bag tag to create fun little welcome back to school goodie bags for your students to give out on the first day of school. Include t...
a woman holding up a green and white photo frame with a zebra print bow on it
Back-to-School Picture Frame & a Whole Brain Teaching FREEBIE!
First Day pictures!
an activity book for summer with pictures and words on the page, which is also in black and white
Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans | Teachers Pay Teachers
Kids love to tell all about themselves! Here is a great Back to School Ice Breaker to begin the year with. Print the posters as they are at their c...
an empty classroom filled with desks and balloons
Monarch Madness
Oh my goodness! I want to do balloons for meet the teacher!! They can take it home! So cute :)
four different types of paper on a table with the words new student written in it
New Student packet. Pinner wrote, "I can grab it and say 'I thought you maybe joining us today.' instead of 'oh, we weren't expecting a new student.' It will get us off on the right foot. So much better than scrounging for stuff every time a new student arrives!
an apple with a red ribbon tied around it sitting next to a card that says, apples or the bad
Parent Night - give each patent a apple and poem because parents are teachers too!
a table that has some kind of sign on it
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits
Open House before first day of school Tour. Parents can follow the signs and do everything you need them to do before the first day of school. Ends with a little gift for the student and the parent to welcome them into the class.
the student information form is shown in black and white, with an image of trees on it
Meet The Teacher Ideas & Downloads
This blog page has tons of forms. I love her ideas. Back to School
a back to school checklist with the words meet the teacher's checklist
Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons
Great idea for open house night, it takes all the questions out of the night!
an autographal information sheet for students to use in their class or workbook
Calling All Volunteers
Parent Volunteer--perfect!
back to school font and procedure check list for the first week of school
Back to School {Forms and Procedure Check List}
FREE download for back to school - parent contact form, student info form, parent questionnaire, and a procedure checklist