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a large red sign with an eagle on it's side in front of a building
Мутации одной конструкции
Retro, A3, Aviation Art, Soviet Art, Communist Propaganda, Military Art, Air Force
Glory to Soviet Aviation
an image of a statue with a red flag in the background and words on it
an old propaganda poster shows a man holding up the hammer and sick star above his head
2.24US $ 64% OFF|Vintage Russian Propaganda Poster The Space Race Retro USSR CCCP Posters and Prints Kraft Paper Wall Art Home Room Decor
a large metal object sitting inside of a building
Inside the Soviets' Secret Failed Moon Program
Inside the Soviets’ Secret Failed Moon Program
the saturn rocket is being prepared for launch
Wikiwand - N1 (rocket)
an old photo of a large jet being worked on
an astronaut standing on the moon next to a red flag in front of him,
concept ships
an image of a space station that looks like it has been made out of metal
Soviet LK-3 Lunar Lander, Lunniy Korabl
an industrial machine is being worked on in a factory or repair area with large windows
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an old black and white photo of a woman in uniform
Khiuaz Dospanova – a Kazakh antifascist fighter, one of the ‘Night Witches’ - female Red Army pilots. A young communist leader in Kazakhstan, she volunteered to the Red Army in 1941 becoming a pilot. Being downed several times, she was severely wounded and became handicapped, but several times returned to frontline, despite medics’ ban because she had both legs maimed. After WW2 – a communist leader and MP in Kazakhstan.
a dog that is sitting in the middle of a movie poster for city think 2
Sputnik 2