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No Bake Coconut Snowballs--Paleo, Vegan & Gluten Free!
For dinners that are healthy AND quick.
Summer Pasta Salad
Italian Wonderpot Recipe ~ This dish is incredibly easy and super flavorful. The pasta cooks in a mixture of broth, herbs, and aromatics, like onion and garlic, which really ramp up the flavor. The starch that leaches off of the pasta as it cooks helps create a thick sauce right in the pot. It’s magic! So fast, so easy, and SO flavorful.... Switch out whichever veggies you like or add more to make it your own!
Ranch Pasta Salad - Best Food Cloud
Cold pasta salads are the perfect & satisfying quick dinner or lunch! This delicious pasta salad recipe is loaded with avocados, crispy bacon & juicy cherry tomatoes tossed in a homemade avocado dressing!
Spinach Stuffed Breaded Chicken topped with Marinara and Mozzarella
Everyone needs these recipes!!! 20 of the BEST Casseroles for Busy Nights!
Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men
i think i could actually do these... 18 Healthy Sandwich Ideas That Make Lunchtime Special