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an aerial view of some trees and rocks in a garden area with wooden boards on the ground
Gallery of The SABA Apartment / Sara Kalantary + Reza Sayadian - 2
No es nada nuevo
a white table with curved shapes on it
Award winning architecture & interiors | James Gorst Architects
James Gorst Architects
a building with arches and trees in front of it on a brick walkway surrounded by buildings
CEI Materials on Twitter
a wooden structure with white fabric covering it's sides and the top section is made out of bamboo
Galería de El bambú muestra su flexibilidad en este pabellón hiperbólico - 20
a block of soap next to an object that looks like it is made out of metal
Trevor Watson (@playtestmake) | Instagram photos, videos, highlights and stories
a white sculpture sitting on top of a metal table
an abstract sculpture made out of metal wire and flowers on a white surface with small birds flying around it
Pabellón Temporal en los Jardines del Rey en Copenhague por FABRIC.
there are many white vases in the room by the water and rocks on the floor
an architecturally designed church in the city at night
the inside of an old building with stone columns and arches on either side of it
Skylight Church by Ferran Vizoso Architecture | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building
a concrete building with a cross on the top of it's roof and windows
Gallery of San Alberto Magno Chapel / Juan Pavez Aguilar + José Requesens Aldea - 14