Manualidades de papel para niños

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the steps to make a paper flower are shown in four different stages, including cutting and sewing
Coffee Filter Chinese Lanterns
1. Cut out four-petaled shapes from coffee-filters You can experiment with different sizes; I folded a large coffee filter into fourths & then cut out the rudimentary shape. 2. Using watercolor paints, color the 'flowers' orange. Allow them to dry. 3. Pierce a hole in the center. 4. cut out four 3-3.5 inch sections of thin wire. One inch from the top, wrap the wires together (5). Wrap this inch in brown floral tape (6). Insert the taped section through the hole in the 'flower'.
you don't know how to wrap gifts? look at that
someone is holding some twine and scissors in their hand while they are working on something
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a piece of wood sitting on top of a tree stump
Disco de madera con columpio – Disco de madera con columpio – #disc #Swing #wooden - Mi Hermoso Mundo
two wooden boats with moss growing out of them on top of a wood table next to plants
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Diy Origami Cards - Mother's Day
DIY Personalized paper flower garland