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an info poster showing different types of boats
What's in Your Mortgage Payment - Castle & Cooke Mortgage
What’s Included in Your Monthly Mortgage Payment? Infographic: Finding out where your money goes can help you better understand the status of your mortgage and what options may be available to you.
an info sheet with the words va home loan written in red and blue on it
Stay up to date on the latest eligibility requirements for a VA home loan Qualifying for a VA Home Loan #thisgirlsellshouses #realestate
a bar chart showing the average rate of people living in their homes, from 1950 to 2013
Thinking of buying? Check out these historic 30 year fixed mortgage rates from 1985 through June 2015.
short sale versus foreclosure
Short Sale vs. Foreclosure (from Free Consultation. #EyemarkRealty Contact Mark Cohen, Realtor & Broker, #MarkCohen
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts in each country's air force
VA Home Loans An Untapped Resource
VA Home Loans An Untapped Resource
a poster with the words, low down payment mortgages include fha, va and usda loan
Low Down Payment Mortgage Doesn't Mean The Buyer is Not Qualified
Low Down Payment Mortgage Types For Buyers Who Don't Have A Lot of Money Saved:
USDA Home Loan Frequently Asked Questions #RealEstate Natural Skin, Nutribullet Recipes, Acne Oil, Irish Women, Gluten Sensitivity, Summer Skin, Dermatology, Belleza Natural, Diy Beauty
USDA Home Loan NC Frequently Asked Questions - NC FHA Experts
USDA Home Loan Frequently Asked Questions #RealEstate
a man and woman holding martini glasses in front of a poster that says tax advantages of owning a home
Tax Advantages of Owning a Home
Tax Advantages of Owning a Home:
the cover of 3 reasons to choose a va loan, which is in red and blue
VA Loan Benefits – All the Incredible Advantages of the VA Loan
VA Loan Basics: The VA Loan Advantage
a red house with the words tips for purchasing your first home
VA Loans for First Time Homebuyers from Veterans United Home Loans
a clipboard with the words how to build an excellent credit score and ways to repair a bad one
How to Build an Excellent Credit Score
How to Build an Excellent Credit Score & Ways to Repair a Bad One- Great tips that are easy to understand and implement!
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How Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Work
What is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage
a field with the words 4 things to stop doing as soon as you're pre - approved
4 Things to Stop Doing as Soon as You're Pre-Approved
Everyone should have been told when applying for a mortgage to NOT have your credit pulled for any reason until after closing!!!
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts in flight and how they are used
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#Mortgages 101: An Introduction to Interest Rates. Check out this great infographic.