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an image of polar bears in different positions
Beaver. A little design exploration. Got a favorite? Happy to hear your thoughts! _ #beaver #logo #logodesign #sketches #simplicity #drawing #nature #animaldesign #icon #mark #simc
a black and white photo of a tattoo design on the right leg, with geometric shapes
Star Wars fan simple line work tattoo #tattoo #starwars #starwarstattoo
black and white abstract logo design
Out of mountains she will rise as glorious crystals shine from her eyes
a black and white logo with the letter v in it's center, on top of
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#MA17-885 A new geometric design every day
the triangle logo is made up of three intersecting triangles, one in black and white
a black and white poster with different types of shapes on it's side, including triangles
X. It’s what’s happening
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the triangle logo is black and white, with an abstract design on it's side
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the symbols for different types of women's bodies and their names in white on black
the logo for ambienia is shown in black and white
Again, obsessed with triangles and shapes. Love the simplicity but hoping it can have a somewhat softer dinner appeal with font.
some type of font and numbers on the water
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Un post de imagenes largas... pasa capo... - Taringa!
an image of lines that have been drawn in different directions
One line - Animal logos on Behance | One line animals, Animal logo, Drawings
One line - Animal logos on Behance:
a black and white photo of a shark tattoo on the arm
Probablemente, los nombres de Mark Mahoney, Freddy Negrete y Dr. Woo no te suenen de nada pero tienen mucho que ver con los tatuajes que llevas.
a black and white photo of a person's arm with a tattoo on it
Resultado de imagen para plano millennium falcon