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an ink drawing of different types of animals
Hi-Fructose Magazine
Brendan Monroe.
a drawing of an elephant drinking water from it's trunk
Operation Lamassu by M0AI on DeviantArt
an elephant and octopus are depicted in this drawing
Cthulhu Mammoth, Susann Houndsville
a pencil drawing of an octopus with its mouth open and it's tail curled up
a drawing of an insect with long horns and large, sharp claws on it's back
Final Emissary, Elias Ravanetti
a painting of a woman in a blue dress
Carlos Huante Art
an image of a man sitting on the ground next to a giant creature with red eyes
a drawing of a creature with an eyeball on it's head and legs
an illustration of a jellyfish with long tentacles and flowers on it's head
Shaydor Spherians
an illustration of the structure of a flower and its parts labeled in black and white
a drawing of a person with long hair and an animal like head on it's back
So apparently i killed CGhub with my last update