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a pair of shoes sitting on top of a wooden step
Higashiomi House - Picture gallery 8
a wooden cabinet sitting in the corner of a room with an open door to another room
g e n k a n
an empty room with a wooden bench and window in the corner, next to a plant
10 Wooden Living Room Ideas In Japanese Interior Design
an empty room with wooden doors and windows
an empty hallway with wooden doors and plants in vases on the wall next to it
an image of a room with wood floors and tile on the floor, in japanese
an empty hallway leading to a door with light coming in from the window on the far side
an empty room with a large wooden cabinet and plant on the top shelf in front of a sliding glass door
2. Side View
an empty room with wooden doors and stone flooring
Traditional Japanese Machiya House Entrance
An inviting ‘genkan’ (entrance) of a traditional Japanese machiya house. We love the atmosphere that these 'genkan' create when warmly lit by the sun. This traditional machiya townhouse is located near the Asano River & Kazue Chaya Tea District in Kanazawa, Japan. Rent this entire Japanese townhouse during your next visit to Japan. MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Kanazawa - 'Kurohoro' Machiya House
an entry way with a bench and wooden paneling on the wall, next to a large window
Hall de entrada ✨