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a man standing next to a wooden surfboard on top of green grass in front of a stone building
Unique Handcrafted Wooden Canoes made to each customers specifications
a canoe sitting on top of leaves in the woods
Time Tested Restorations
Making a wooden canoe
a drawing of a boat with plans for the front and side sections, including an oar
Free Boat Plans From "Science and Mechanics" Magazines - Free Boat Plans From "Science and Mechanics" Magazines:
the plans for a canoe are shown in black and white, with measurements on each side
Online Job Search Sites - Search for Millions of Jobs in All Kinds
a close up of a car roof rack with wood and metal rails on it's side
Homemade Kayak Roof Rack
a canoe with an american flag on it is sitting in the grass next to water
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a wooden boat sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a workbench
Bow deck. Cherry with Birdseye maple inserts. Ready to glass
a man is working on a wooden object in the middle of a kitchen counter top
Cedar Strip Canoe
Bending the Stems
a small wooden boat sitting in the water
I've heard lots of long stories about building canoes like this. It's tempting to think about trying.
a man working on a piece of wood
Projects and Plans
<strong>Home Project:</strong> Though they were used in years past to store and protect goods while travelling by canoe, wannigans make wonderful coffee tables in modern homes. Making one is also a great way to practice some canoe-making skills before tackling the real thing.
a wooden boat being built in a garage
Ben's Arkansas Traveler, Iowa Style
Ben's Arkansas Traveler, Iowa Style - Forums.
a wooden canoe sitting in the grass
Canoe Gallery
Solo canoe to spend winter on the wall, summer in the water
a large wooden boat being worked on in a shop
a row of skis sitting on top of a wooden bench
Photo Storage
more strips added photo: couldn't resist wetting the timber to see what the finished hull would look like This photo was uploaded by STEVE_GRESTY
a wooden boat being built in a workshop
Handcrafted Wooden Canoe in the making ...