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a cartoon character holding a basket with strawberries on it and lined paper in the background
a cartoon dog is sitting in the grass
an orange background with a cartoon character holding a pair of scissors
a drawing of a milk carton sitting on top of a desk
El humor ilustrado de Mikel Murillo
there is a cartoon tomato on the ground with its eyes closed and mouth wide open
Inspiración. Creación. Admiración.
a book cover with an image of a white dog sitting on top of it's back
a piece of pizza with hearts on it and the words, los ama todos
Ingesman, el ilustrador que juega a hacer reír - La Tercera
an orange sitting on top of a green couch
a green cup sitting on top of a wooden table
a cartoon tooth with a piece of pizza on it's plate and the caption is
a person laying on the ground with an egg above their head and text that reads, est
Yaoi Hard Comic
an image of a cartoon character with a star on it's nose and the words lemon hada
Humor tonto para gente inteligente [no amargados] (Vol.9)