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[ACUTE MONOBLASTIC LEUKEMIA (AML-M5a)]. Monoblasts are typically larger cells with scant to moderate basophilic cytoplasm and large nuclei with distinct to prominent nucleoli. The cytoplasm is generally devoid of any granules in blasts but with progressive maturation granules accumulate. Auer rods are not seen.
Blood smear show Acute Myelocytosis leukemia (AML I): Myeloblast cells ,Neutrophil
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Life cycle of (erythrocytes) red blood cells. Useful lifespan = 100-120 days.
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Microsporum canis Cause of tinea capitis in humans and simple ringworm in pets. The organism's major reservoir in companion animals is within domestic cats and dogs. Under woods lamp examination , it gives bright green fluroscence. This property is used for identification of Microsporum canis It is closely related to other dermatophytes.
Culture of Microsporum canis
KOH prep of hair infected with dermatophyte
Transmissible Venereal Tumor Large, round to oval cells with round nuclei. Nuclei have fine ropy chromatin and single blue nucleolus; mitoses may be observed. Abundant cytoplasm contains distinct clear vacuoles.