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the night sky is filled with stars and trees
Gorgeous night forest
an abstract drawing with circles and dots in the center
Cycles of Time – Playing with Numbers
something like this with the circles as an underboob tattoo maybe with a mandelbrot fractal attached as well
an instagram with the image of two hands touching each other
Serpent eros
Serpent eros / Sacred Geometry <3
a painting of a woman laying on top of a bed
Cercasi (veri) amanti dell’eros | Pepeonline
Cercasi (veri) amanti dell’eros
an artistic artwork piece that looks like it is in the middle of a black and white drawing
The Eye of Providence, Author Unknown
two naked people standing next to each other in front of a sun and snake symbol
an all seeing eye surrounded by two snakes and roses, with the third eye in the center
worth effort
4 elements
the seven levels of creation in an art work
The Zohar
a black and white drawing of an animal with horns on it's head in the water
<3 carnerines. rebel lamb/ black sheep
an image of the sun, moon and stars above it in black ink on a blue background
an image of the sun and moon with two people on it, surrounded by trees
Deus cornífero
an image of a bird with wings on top of a ring and two snakes around it
Medieval Lindorm Dragon, 15th century, from the alchemical scrolls of Sir George Ripley ”Lindorms were most often encountered in churchyard...