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an embroidery pattern with fish swimming in the blue water and green trees on the land
Hoping to brighten up your January with this topical piece 🌴
Hoping to brighten up your January with this topical piece 🌴 : Embroidery
an embroidery project with two canoes in the water surrounded by green grass and pink flowers
Estos bordados de paisajes aéreos te harán sentir que estás volando
Bordados de medios mixtos celebran las vistas aéreas de la India
a person holding up a cross stitch art piece
THE BOAT - a pleaset ride (12"hoop) Completely hand embroidered, took nearly 38days to make this piece❤ Hope you guys will enjoy it.
there are many different pictures of embroidered items
All my Adventure Time Hoops by loveandasandwich on DeviantArt
a pink cat with green eyes and hearts on it's face is hanging from a wall
and the kittens from mars
a pink teddy bear with stars and clouds on it
two embroidered hoops with faces and bows on them, one is blue and the other is red
Splitcoaststampers : Card Making, Rubber Stamping & Paper Crafting
a close up of a stuffed animal on a pink background with the words i choose you
Psyduck I Choose You! by iggystarpup on DeviantArt