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two people on the beach with palm trees and blue sky in the background, one is wearing sunglasses
Rose Gold
VSCO filter you can use – Liv Queen's Blog
a woman holding a yellow flower in her hand
Descubierto por Solღ
a collage of photos with people in bikinis and one man on a motor scooter
Filtros ●
two women in bikinis are walking on the beach and one is wearing a bathing suit
made by @mynnsan //// Filter Guide/Filter Tips/Filter/VSCO //////// ( For more updates, please follow my board, thanks in advance ) ✨
What a wonderful world...
an image of different symbols in white ink on a black background, with the words written below them
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the different types of women's names and their meanings in this diagram, there are many
'' Sha-Teh '' An Arrow Code that came to me after meditating on the words: ''Female power'' & ''Travel''.
a piece of paper sitting on top of a wooden table next to rocks and a pair of glasses
••• - #symbol
a white sheet with black lines and designs on it's side, in the shape of arrows
an orange line drawing of a sun with the letter c in it's center
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