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an image of a cartoon scene in the computer screen
some people are standing in front of a crowd
the instructions for how to draw cartoon characters in different ways, including an image of a man
a comic strip showing how to use clouds in the sky with different colors and shapes
the comic strip shows people talking to each other
the instructions for how to use an extreme close shot with pictures and text on it
FramebyFrame on Twitter
“Here are some helpful little notes on composition and camera angles from various sources! Learning how and when to use them in your animation is key to making a compelling story! #agorastudio #framebyframe #animation #animator #cinematography #reference #resource”
the instructions for how to draw an animated character in one sheet, with text on it
How to Draw for Storyboarding
How to Draw for Storyboarding
a comic strip with two penguins in the middle and one penguin sitting at a table
Storyboarding Guide — Carson Kugler Visual Storytelling
how to draw the human figure from disney's princess and the frog prince step by step
Line of Action - Mickey's Christmas Carol