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a person is removing the front door of a dryer with text overlay that reads brilliant natural solution to get rid mold from front load washing machine
Brilliant Natural Solution To Get Rid Of Mold From Front-Load Washing Machine
two pictures of the same product in different stages of being used to clean shower faucets
a tweep with an orange ribbon hanging from it's clothes hanger
How To Keep Your Clothes Looking & Smelling Fresh In Your Closet.
the 10 commandments of cast iron care info sheet with instructions on how to use an iron skillet
The 11 Commandments of Cast Iron Care
a stack of white towels sitting on top of each other
How To Refresh Your Towels
a poem written in black and white with the words grandma's hints on it
GRANDMA'S HINTS A friend puts a dryer sheet in her pocket when she goes out into the yard to keep mosquitoes away. Squirrels eating your birdseed? Sprinkle cayenne pepper on birdseed. Birds don't mind but squirrels sure do! Pin a small safety pin to skirt or dress and static cling will not occur. Place cornmeal in ant runway. They take home, can't digest and die. Don't let oldtime remedies be forgotten. Write down when you hear one from us oldies and save for future usel! -SHIRLEY BAKER - America’s best pics and videos
the instructions for how to remove yellow underarmm stains
cathynut Lnk.Bio · link in bio
the text is written in black and white
Laundry Stripping Hack
3 easy home hacks you should try #hacks #diyhome #homehacks
Painting Hack