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a close up of a piece of cloth with yarn on it
Elegant leaf hand embroidery design|how to start hand embroidery|kadhai design
someone is working on something that looks like leaves with yellow and purple beads, which are being stitched together
Very pretty flower design|hand embroidery video|embroidery design video|embroidery video|kadhai vide
a pair of scissors that are next to some green yarn on a piece of cloth
Pretty leaf design | embroidery flower design| embroidery tutorial| embroidery stiches
someone is knitting something green and white on the table
232K views · 3.2K reactions | Unique Leaf Embroidery Tutorial with Hizab Pin #support #trending #embroiderydesign #leaf #stitch #fb #viralreels #reelsvideo #fbreels #facebookreels #reelsfb #reels #pin | Crafts & Embroidery
Вышивка гладью. Морковка
Very useful trick😆
Very useful trick😆
someone is working on an ornament with green yarn and thread in the shape of a christmas tree
Modern Hand Embroidery Leaf Design Tutorial, Very Easy Leaf Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginners
Very useful trick😆