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two pictures of a red car parked next to each other
ビール飲みてー笑 #別に江ノ島にいるわけじゃない #準備で追われたこの数日間 so clean
the engine compartment of a red sports car
Malibu Bitch Del Sol by Pepe93 ///
a red car with its door open showing the front bumper and wheel hubs that have been removed
EG Project 95 Civic SI Rust Bucket :) - Honda-Tech - Honda Forum Discussion
an electronic device sitting on top of a wooden table next to a green and yellow wall
Interior Consoles & Parts for Honda Civic for sale | eBay
the interior of a car with gauges and dash boards on it's dashboard
1994 Honda Civic CX - The Art of Spoon-ing
Check out Efren Diaz's 1994 Honda Civic CX. Sporting the perfect mix of OEM and aftermarket goodies, this B-powered EH features a number of authentic Spoon Sports parts such as the front lip, rear wing, gauge cluster, steering wheel, carbon-fiber seats, and more! - Honda Tuning Magazine