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the stairs are painted with black and white designs
Tile From Around the Globe Adds Out-of-This-World Panache
tiled staircase
an old trunk turned chair with pillows on top
33 Modern Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Vintage Style with Chests and Trunks
pictures of chests and trunks in modern home interiors
many pictures of different items in a room with white walls and flooring, including an antique storage unit
Vintage Storage and Organization Ideas - Home Tree Atlas
Vintage Storage Ideas
an old truck is parked next to a pile of white pots and pans
Once a workaday tool, graniteware is now rustic chic | Antique Trader
great enamelware collection
an old door is painted blue and has steps leading up to it
Aqua, Door
embellished aquamarine door set into a wall of cracked and faded white stucco
a bedroom with a bed, chandelier and wooden headboard in the corner
Reclaiming the Bedroom: 5 Reclaimed Headboards
Salvaged Doors As Headboard