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an animal crossing game is being played on the nintendo wii, and it looks like they are making cookies
shan 🌈 on Twitter
Pokémon, Qr Codes Animal Crossing, Reddit, Animal Crossing Characters
Ramen & Katsudon to everyone! I'm just hungry... :')
an animal is standing in the grass next to a stove and a plant with eyes on it
Happy as can be!
an animal crossing map with animals in the background and another image on the right side
pink pathway 🌸
an animal crossing game with paw prints on the beach and palm trees in the background
Here’s my beach paw prints! 🐾
an animal crossing game with lots of green grass and hearts on the top of it
Mami - Luna
several pictures of cats sleeping in a cat bed
People requested more sleepy kitties so i made more! Credit to u/jettsona for base.
an aerial view of a living room with cats and dogs on the hardwood flooring
けーてぃー on X