Dios es amor

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a woman holding up a flag with the word i love it on it in front of a city skyline
Easter from NYC - CrossEqualsLove
two people taking pictures with their cell phones in front of a cross and heart sign
IILZRN — :D <3 +
the sky is pink and blue with clouds
Puedes seguirme como Mïldrëd Røjas. ♡
the sun is setting over a parking lot with cars parked on it and palm trees in the background
"Eres mejor que todas estas cosas"
a group of people holding up crosses and hearts
Prueba de amor (Juan 3:16) / Proof of love (John 3:16) ❤
a neon sign that says it's love and has a cross on the front
Hillsong Music Quotes. QuotesGram
Hillsong Music Quotes. QuotesGram
black and white photo of two men on stage with jesus sign in background at night
R y l e e
an image of a cityscape with the word i love jesus written in white
Hillsong East Coast Online | USA
HillSong NYC <3...If ever in NY you MUST GO! Life changing!!!!