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Marble caves Chile Chico, Chile -
Un anciano y barbado iceberg en la Antártida Las caprichosas formas del hielo pueden formar, al igual que las nubes, todo tipo de figuras q...
Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake, Chile - South America Trip
Malleco Falls, Chile.      I want to jump into the water from the top!!!!
Villarrica Volcano, Villarrica National Park, Los Lagos Region, Chile
Ancud, Isla de Chiloe
Santiago de Chile arropada por los Andes. ¡No dejes de viajar!
The Marble Caves of Patagonia, Chile, are beautiful vibrant blue caverns, partially submerged in the equally stunning turquoise waters of Carrera Lake. The lake itself is on the border of Argentina and Chile, with the caves located on the Chilean side. The caves are comprised of three main caverns: the Chapel (La Capilla), the Cathedral (El Catedral), and the Cave (La Cueva).
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile by Andrew Waddington