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there are many pairs of shoes on display
several shelves with purses and handbags on them
a clothing store with clothes hanging on racks
Studio Goss takes cues from brutalism for Melbourne clothing store
Kloke store by Studio Goss
an architectural rendering of a building with blue lights
a white room with shelves filled with shoes
Retail | Shelf spot lighting ideas | BO by XAL
an exit sign is lit up in front of a doorway with the words exit on it
OMFGCO – Ace Hotel Art Moment
an orange bench sitting on top of a tiled floor
Cow-print tiles and Tetris-style orange furniture feature in Russian cafe
a room filled with lots of different types of purses on top of white counter tops
TerraTon Plus very resistant fine-grained plaster
Finishing plaster suitable for indoor and/or outdoor vertical surfaces, not in direct and continues contact with water and/or oils. Shop Valextra, Milan By John Pawson #MatteoBrioni #TerraTon #NaturalPozzolan #MineralBinders #NaturalPozzolanicWall #NaturalFinishingPlaster #WaterProofPlaster #FineGrainedPlaster #NaturalWallFinishingPlaster #OutdoorPlaster #OutdoorFinishingPlaster #OutdoorWallPlaster#OutdoorWallFinishes #WaterProofWallFinishing #WaterProofWallPlaster #InteriorDesign
the inside of a clothing store with clothes on racks
a clothing store with yellow counter and shelves
Base Streetwear Store * Retail Interior Design Project in an orthogonal yellow focused store space. — ness