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a comic strip showing how to use catnip
Vivir con (y sin) un gato
Vivir con (y sin) un gato. Gatos, una compañía constante.
Mona Lisa, Colorado picker More Nice, Art, Draw, Fotografie, Ilustrasi, Fotos, Fotografia, Photo, Daun
Mona Lisa, Colorado picker More
an unmade bed with three pictures on the wall above it and a potted plant
a bunch of different kinds of cactuses and cacti on a white background
Quizá un cactus |
Dicen que tener plantas en tu zona de trabajo aumenta tu productividad y creatividad. Yo me he decidido por tener un cactus, lo más compatible con mi gata.
a broom sitting on top of a set of steps next to a wall with peeling paint
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
straw broom by Hercio Dias
a painting of flowers in a blue vase on a table next to a plate and bowl
Paul Gauguin | Post-Impressionist painter | Still life
Paul Gauguin | The Post-Impressionist Still lifes | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica |
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a forest
Moonlight: 1883-1889 by Ralph Albert Blakelock (High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA) - Romanticism