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not how i identify, i just think xenos are cool
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the batman symbol is shown on a pink and blue striped background with horizontal stripes in pastel colors
♰ 🤍 transbatgender ↝ a xenogender based on being a trans person and having a strong connection to bats at the same time ! (( coined by me ! ))
an animated cat with the caption i know where you live
a brown and blue striped background
archive — ❊ DOGBOYGENDER!
Regretevator Xenogender, Staying Up All Night, Non Gender, Other Genders, Lgbtq Flags
«ᗒ▼ᗕ» || OhShit4Am
a clock sitting on top of a table next to a wallpaper with the flag of south africa
༻a gender related to the holy trinity for gay, sad teenagers: pinterest, spotify and staying up late༺
a green background with a smiley face on the center and wavy lines in the middle
Collective Identity, All Jokes, Losing Faith In Humanity, Just Be You, Try Harder
•sex pun aceic•
a hamburger with cheese and tomato on it sitting in front of a red, yellow and brown striped background
a slice of pepperoni pizza on an orange and red striped background with horizontal stripes
Pizzagender {Gastrogender, Xenogender}
[1]Pizzagender is a xenogender and can be a gastrogender that is related to pizza. It may be described as: a xenogender tied to pizza; gender(s) that is/are divided as pieces of pizza; or a gender ending in a pizza scheme. [2]Pizzagender is a gastrogender-xenogender related/connected to pizza. Individuals who are Pizzagender may feel a strong gendered connection to pizza,, feel like pizza affects their own gender in a way,, or/and identify With pizza as apart of their gender!!
an abstract striped background in shades of grey, pink and brown with vertical horizontal stripes
an image of a dog that is looking at the camera with blue eyes and brown fur
a cat sitting on top of a black and white striped wall
an image of a cat with the caption i know what you are written on it
a single lavender flower sitting on top of a purple and blue striped wall