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ZOX Wristbands Promote Positivity! #Giveaway - Mommies with Cents Zox Wristbands, Going Through A Lot, Cool Bracelets, Best Friend Day, Friends Day, Fashion Statements, Always Believe, She Believed She Could, You Can Do Anything

ZOX Wristbands Promote Positivity! #Giveaway

Goodness knows the world could use a little more positivity right now! When I came across ZOX wristbands I thought they were the perfect little 'just because' gift to brighten my best friend's day. She's been going through a lot lately but has been doing amazing things. I wanted her to know how much I believe in her but more importantly that she should always believe in herself! The black and white patterned 'Believe in Yourself' wristband couldn't have been more perfect. A funny thing…

Vonnie Eidson
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Spread Love Bracelet

Story Recently I experienced a random act of kindness. I had gone for an errand and decided to stop off at a drive-through coffee shop to grab a midday coffee. After I ordered, I patiently waited behind a couple of other cars to reach the window to pay. When I finally reached the window, instead of the person reminding me of how much I owed, to my surprise, I was told that my coffee had already been paid for by the car in front of me. I was so surprised I really didn't know what to say or…

Trish Mariano