Zig zag corner shelf diy

Get inspired with these DIY zig zag corner shelf ideas to add a touch of creativity to your home decor. Learn how to make your own unique corner shelf and transform any corner of your space into a stylish focal point.
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Aside from beautiful images, we also learned how to effectively re-tile the walls of a bathroom - especially a bathroom with tricky wrapped or curved surfaces! And we all celebrated when we saw how one woman transformed her totally ordinary bathroom into a gorgeous, spa-like space for serenity as well as showering. We even learned how to cheaply and easily DIY our way to useful, attractive corner shelving units - perfect for those bathroom tabletops short on space.

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Corner Shelf Project Start out with a 1"x12" whiteboard. Cut into ~11.5" x ~11.5" squares. Chop off the corner a little on the pieces that are going to run horizontal. I used the router then and smoothed the top and bottom edges and sanded them to make them smooth. Kreg jig is king. I put 3 screws in each of these pieces. It turned out sturdy. Piecing it together. The final product. Paint and install. Don't have the finished pictures, but this is neat for a kids room.

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The corners of the houses are some of those places that most people ignore or do not know what to do with them. It is a fact that they are just weird

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