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Explore stunning yoga photography ideas to inspire your practice. Find creative poses, beautiful locations, and expert tips to capture the beauty and grace of yoga.
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With benefits ranging from reduced stress to better sleep, it’s no wonder breathwork is suddenly so popular. Whether you’re simply curious or want to take your technique to the next level, we asked four breathwork practitioners to share their insights and tips.

Jaimee Capili
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This shoot with Ros was incredible. Neither of us could stop staring at the photos when they were done. We started at the jetty at The Spit, Gold Coast, and made our way up the sand dunes, through the garden and into the ocean in time for a gorgeous pink sunset. The last 15 minutes […]

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In my 300 hour training nearly every student did a photoshoot with our local photographer at Still Salty Escape. Before a few of them had their session, they asked me if I had any tips. In other words, that moment is the inspiration behind this post! I know you can scour Pinterest for the most … How To Prepare For a Yoga Photoshoot: Do’s, Don’t, and Tips Read More »

Jillian Fuleky

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