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Add some humor to your workday with these hilarious workplace memes. Laugh out loud and share with your colleagues to lighten the mood and boost morale.
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Not all representatives of Human Resources are bad guys. Just because Toby Flenderson was an evil snail doesn’t automatically make them all awful. A decent HR is an important part of a well-oiled machine that is a good workplace. Upon learning more about Jamie Jackson, the mastermind behind the account Humorous Resources across most social media platforms, you might get that she is the living proof of that.

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It's time to go back to poor a fresh cup of coffee, small talk with coworkers, and then gear up for another week behind the desk. You've got a long way to go until Friday afternoon rolls around but fear not, there will be plenty in store to keep you occupied this week. Tear through this list of work memes during your first 30-minute bathroom break as you wistfully dream of sunny days at the beach with a cool lemonade in hand. We'd now like to apologize in advance for the atrocity that is…

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